Five Freedoms Series: Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religion with Vincent Phillip Muñoz, University of Notre Dame

The first two clauses in the First Amendment prohibit Congress from making laws regarding the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise of religion.

These two important concepts are related, but distinct.  Sometimes, they can even conflict with one another.  Debates about precisely what they mean have been going on for 200+ years and continue to this day.

Vincent Phillip Muñoz, Tocqueville Associate Professor of Political Science and Concurrent Associate Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame led this presentation and interactive discussion.

This Zoom / Facebook Live was recorded on September 27, 2021, with Montpelier. Q&A with Participants included at the end.

Learn more about Vincent Phillip Munoz.

The First Amendment provides many of the rights Americans hold most dear: freedom of religion, speech, the press, petition, and assembly. These freedoms form the basis of political and civic participation in American society. 

The Five Freedoms Series will help Americans better understand the freedoms guaranteed to them under the First Amendment, and encourage them to exercise these rights. Each week will focus on a different element of The 1st Amendment: speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government. Because many of these freedoms are frequently at the heart of Supreme Court cases, the sixth week will allow us to bring together a panel of federal judges to discuss cases on the docket in the 2021-2022 Supreme Court Term. 

This series is proudly hosted by the First Amendment Museum, James Madison’s Montpelier, and The Center for Civic Education.