Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips with the First Amendment Museum

Interested in bringing the First Amendment Museum (FAM) to your classroom? Our virtual field trips cover a variety of topics relating to the First Amendment and they can be delivered from the Museum to your school or directly to your students’ homes on distance learning days via Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet.

FAM virtual field trips:

  • Meet the Maine State Social Studies Standards and Learning Outcomes.
  • Are available for all grade levels & to any school in the United States.
  • Are customizable to fit your time and curriculum needs. 
  • Include optional pre & post-visit activities, associated lesson plans, lists of essential questions, and student activities during the virtual field trip. 
  • Are free! (But donations are appreciated)

We require educators schedule a meeting with FAM staff at least three weeks before the virtual field trip to discuss content, length, and supplementary offerings. Call to schedule your virtual field trip today at (207) 557-2290 or email Mnosbisch@firstamendmentmuseum.org


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful virtual field trip … You did a fantastic job, I think my students would have stayed online with you for the rest of the afternoon. The students were excited to listen to you and to learn new things, and they really enjoyed participating.

Sara, 1st & 2nd Grade Teacher

Friday’s virtual field trip was incredible! The kids were engaged both at school and at home, and they really enjoyed it. The feedback afterward was that you were fun, funny and it was interesting.

Lindsey, 6th & 7th Grade Teacher

What an inspiring message and impressive slideshow. We really appreciated your interactive approach – so wonderful for the kids (and adults, too)!

Angela, Homeschoolers of Maine

Virtual Field Trips Offered 

(Note: The grade range next to each field trip is a recommendation rather than a rule.)

Virtual Field Trip - introduction to the First Amendment

An Introduction to the First Amendment

(Grades 2 – Diploma)

Students are introduced to the general principles, history, and facts of the federal Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the five freedoms protected by the First Amendment (religion, speech, press, assembly, petition).

First Amendment in Maine virtual field trip

The First Amendment in Maine

(Grades 2 – Diploma)

Participants discuss and analyze the history, role, status, and nuances of the First Amendment in Maine and compare the Maine Constitution with the federal Constitution. Students learn about federalism, activism, religion, their rights, and more in their home state. (Note: if you are interested in this virtual field trip for a state other than the state of Maine, please contact the First Amendment Museum and we can tailor this virtual field trip to your state.)

James Madison virtual field trip

James Madison’s Constitution

(Grades 2 – Diploma)

This virtual field trip explores the life and ideas of the author of the United States Constitution, and fourth president, James Madison. It is excellent for history students interested in learning about the early American Republic, the Founding Fathers, and the context of the federal Constitution.

Listening and civility virtual field trip

Listen Up! Listening and Civility

(Grades 2 – Diploma)

The First Amendment is silent on the issues of listening and civility, two crucial topics concerning responsible citizenship. This virtual field trip explores these two topics and what place they have in modern civic engagement.

Freedom of religion virtual field trip

Freedom of Religion: A Deep Dive

(Grades 3 – Diploma)

Students learn about the history and current status of religious freedom in the United States as well as ponder some of the many unresolved questions associated with it. Students are encouraged to open up, share, and discuss these questions in an honest, yet mature, way.

freedom of speech virtual field trip

Speak Up! Exploring the Freedom of Speech

(Grades 3 – Diploma)

“Free speech” is always a hot topic. It’s also an extremely relevant one, especially for young people. This virtual field trip explores the issues, controversies, and limits around speech in the United States. Students will utilize their own freedom of speech to share ideas and opinions. 

Freedom of the press virtual field trip

Extra! Extra! The Freedom of the Press

(Grade 3 – Diploma)

This virtual field trip is the perfect opportunity for students to learn and practice media literacy. It covers topics such as the history of the press in America, how to identify fake news, concerns surrounding social media, good vs. bad journalism, how to utilize the press responsibly, and more.

Freedom of assembly virtual field trip

Getting Together: The Freedom of Assembly

(Grades 3 – Diploma)

With the massive social movements sweeping the nation, as well as the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, getting together has never been more complex and controversial. In this virtual field trip, students explore the nuances and controversies surrounding the freedom of assembly. 

Freedom of petition virtual field trip

Sign Here: The Freedom of Petition

(Grades 3 – Diploma)

Petitions are everywhere these days. With the simple click of a button, anyone can sign a petition. But how effective are they? This virtual field trip provides the opportunity for students to analyze how petitions work, their efficacy, and the evolving role of petitions in the United States today. 

Supreme Court and First Amendment virtual field trip

Who Decides? The Supreme Court and the First Amendment

(Grades 4 – Diploma)

The Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States and it plays an essential part in shaping and interpreting what the five freedoms mean for everyday Americans. In this virtual field trip, students learn how the Supreme Court operates, some of the most important First Amendment Supreme Court cases, why it matters who sits on the Court, and more. 

The First Amendment: Controversies and Debates

(Grades 5 – Diploma)

This virtual field trip provides an overview of what makes the First Amendment so complex and contentious. Students will deliberate on many of these controversies amongst themselves with the guidance of their educators and First Amendment Museum staff. The end result will be a more nuanced understanding among students of what’s at stake regarding their freedoms.

You Can’t Look at That! Censorship in America

(Grades 5 – Diploma)

In this virtual field trip, geared towards English classes, but available to any class or subject, students learn the who, what, when, where, how, and why of censorship in America. “How can a country devoted to free expression also have censorship?” “Does censorship apply to the government only or private companies as well?” Questions such as these and more are explored.

Hate Speech and Free Speech

(Grades 6 – Diploma)

Countries around the world, including the United States, have all addressed the problem of hate speech differently. In this virtual field trip, students learn about the pros and cons of many of these strategies and are then tasked with coming up with their own solution on how best to approach hate speech in the United States.

Slacktivism, Snapchat, and Social Reform

(Grades 6 – Diploma)

The rise of social media has brought about unprecedented challenges concerning the five freedoms protected by the First Amendment. In this internet-oriented virtual field trip, students learn about the many issues, opportunities, and impacts that social media and the internet at large have had on the freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.

The Times They Are a’Changin’: Protest Music in America

(Grades 6 – Diploma)

In tandem with our online exhibition on American protest music, this virtual field trip provides a history of protest music in the United States, its impact, and its status today. It is great for history, English, and music classes! 

Frequently Asked Questions

“There is a topic that I want a virtual field trip on relating to the First Amendment but I don’t see it listed above. Is there anything I can do?”

If you are an educator and there is a virtual field trip topic relating to the First Amendment that you want presented to your students through the Museum, but do not see currently listed, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs!

“Is there a cost to participate?”

Currently, all virtual field trips through the First Amendment Museum are free of charge.

“Is there a maximum number of kids who can participate?”

The maximum number of participants depends on how many Zoom/Skype can support. Please let us know ahead of time how many participants will be attending (staff, students, chaperones, etc.). 

“How do I book a virtual field trip?”

Please email Mnosbisch@firstamendmentmuseum.org or call (207) 557-2290 at least three weeks in advance. 

“Can I make changes to my field trip’s date and time after it has been scheduled?”

To cancel or alter a field trip, please contact the Museum at least three business days prior to a scheduled field trip.

“Can a student or chaperone join later once a virtual field trip has already begun?”

Yes. Any interested parties can join the field trip late, however, no recap or catching-up will be provided for said party. They will have to join in the middle of the virtual field trip. If requested, the Museum can send a recording of the virtual field trip to the educator afterwards.

“I’m not a teaching professional. Can I book a virtual field trip?”

Yes! Our virtual offerings have been designed for youth learning in a variety of settings including schools, homeschool groups, after school programs, community groups, early learning or childcare centers, and libraries. If you have questions about whether a virtual field trip is a good fit for your group, we are always happy to discuss your needs and help you find which program is right for you. Reach out to us at Mnosbisch@firstamendmentmuseum.org or (207) 557-2290 to inquire.

“I still have questions!”

Please email Mnosbisch@firstamendmentmuseum.org or call (207) 557-2290.