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We apologize, but the museum is unable to make any new reservations at this time. Please check back with us in the near future. 

In-Person Field Trips with the First Amendment Museum

The Museum is open by appointment only until Spring 2024 when we will return to our normal Museum tour schedule

The museum welcomes students for in-person field trips, COVID-19 restrictions permitting*. Virtual Field Trips are always available, as well!

Bring your classes, clubs, homeschool groups, or student organizations for a free, educational, and interactive visit to the FAM. Onsite field trips are entirely customizable in length and content.

The FAM offers tours of the museum, moderated discussions, craft activities, interactive content, and more. Field trips are available for all ages and grade levels. Please contact connect@firstamendmentmuseum.org or (207) 557-2290 to book your field trip today.

Donations are appreciated.

Thanks to a grant from the Fisher Charitable Foundation, the First Amendment Museum will be able to increase access to our Field Trip programs. Eligible school groups will receive a stipend to offset a portion of the bus transportation costs associated with travel to the Museum. To learn more about eligibility, please contact connect@firstamendmentmuseum.org or (207) 557-2290.

Is the FAM too far for a field trip? No problem. Check out the FAM’s free Virtual Field Trip offerings!

*We are closely monitoring the CDC and Maine state guidelines and will offer a Virtual Field trip alternative in the event that social distancing/masking requires it.

Field Trip Topics, Activities, and Examples:

*Note: All of the activities listed below are examples of the type of content offered during a First Amendment Museum field trip. Everything below is customizable and can be offered or adjusted according to the length of the field trip or age level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grades K-5

Tour of the First Amendment Museum

Take your class on a student-friendly guided tour of the First Amendment Museum.

First Amendment Craft Activity

Students make their own First Amendment-themed take-home craft so that they never forget the First Amendment!

Hands On Learning about the First Amendment

Hands-on Learning

Students analyze and discuss interesting objects and artifacts that demonstrate First Amendment freedoms.

Crafting a Constitution Role-playing Activity

Create your very own class Constitution! Students learn to think critically about voting, their freedoms, and compromise.

Free Speech Jenga

Free Speech Jenga

Jenga, with a First Amendment spin

Grades 6 – 8

Tour of the First Amendment Museum

Take your class on a student-friendly guided tour of the First Amendment Museum.

Free Speech Ball
Photo Credit: The Rotunda Online

Free Speech Ball

Use the “free speech ball” to stimulate interesting conversations on topics related to the First Amendment!

Make Your Own Protest Poster

Make Your Own Protest Poster

Students learn about peaceful protest and make their own protest posters.

Supreme Court Role-playing Activity

It’s the students’ turn to sit on the Supreme Court bench and decide precedent-setting cases!

fake news

Spot the Fake News!

Students participate in an activity surrounding fake news, media literacy, and freedom of the press.

Grades 9-12

Tour of the First Amendment Museum

Tour of the First Amendment Museum

Learn the history of the historic Gannett House and the First Amendment in this tour meant for high school-aged audiences.

Hot Topics

Discuss the burning political and social questions of our times in a mature and safe way!

Breaking Down the Press

Students interact with media relating to freedom of the press in order to discuss the issues it arouses. 

Human Spectrum

Stand in the human spectrum and make room for disagreement during this program!

The Great Debate

Students learn and practice their debating skills in this moderated activity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to visit the FAM?

Currently, all field trips to the First Amendment Museum are free of charge, but donations are welcome.

Is there a maximum number of students who can participate?

Let staff know ahead of time the number of participants you’d like to bring, and the FAM can work to meet your needs.

How do I book a field trip?

Please email connect@firstamendmentmuseum.org or call (207) 557-2290 at least three weeks in advance. 

“Can I make changes to my field trip’s date and time after it has been scheduled?”

To cancel or alter a field trip, please contact the Museum at least one week prior to a scheduled field trip.

Can chaperones attend a FAM field trip? Do they have to pay?

Chaperones are more than welcome to attend FAM field trips and do not have to pay, but group sizes are limited.

“I’m not a teaching professional. Can I book a virtual field trip?”

Yes! Our field trips are designed for a variety of different types of youth learning.

“I still have questions!”

Please email connect@firstamendmentmuseum.org or call (207) 557-2290.

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