Natasha Mayers: An Un-Still Life

Natasha Mayers: An Un-Still Life film discussion

Now, more than ever, people want to see truthful, creative role models like Natasha Mayers, who has been called the “most committed activist artist” in Maine and who Senator George Mitchell called a “state treasure.” Presenting an artist who has remained true to her passion for over 50 years, the film follows Natasha as she takes on social, economic and environmental justice issues with humor, irreverence and a keen aesthetic that enlightens while it entertains.

Using a non-traditional approach, the film’s animation and special effects reflect Mayers’ own art-style. From her arrest at a demonstration to featured conversations with Artists Kathy Bradford, Robert Shetterly and Art Critic Lucy Lippard, the film follows her quest to engage with the questions that face people-of-conscience today.

Watch a recording of the conversation about the film, Natasha Mayers: An Un-Still Life, which followed a virtual screening. The Q&A included the artist herself, Natasha Mayers, as well as the filmmakers, Geoffrey Leighton and Anita Clearfield. Learn more about the film at www.natashamayers.org

Zoom/FB recording from January 27, 2022

About the Speakers:

Natasha Mayers has been called “the heart and soul of activist art in Maine.” She is widely known for her work supervising more than 600 school and community murals from Maine to Nicaragua. She supervised painting utility poles in her town which depict local history and were featured in Lucy Lippard’s book, The Lure of the Local. For the past 35 years she has been creating parade “floats” for the local Whitefield 4th of July parade. For Natasha, the painted poles and parade floats represent art by the community, about the community, and for the community, empowering a community to portray and know itself. More about the artist >

Geoffrey Leighton has over 35 year’s experience in video and multi-media production. In addition to his award-winning documentaries, commercials, and long form programming, Leighton has produced a variety of large-scale multimedia educational projects. He has also worked to develop teacher development material with Apple, the Lucas Foundation, Center for Collaborative Education, Classroom Connections, the City of Boston, Bates College, and the Maine Learning Technology Initiative, as well as the Tech Goes Home Project in Boston and the Diploma Plus Network of schools. Leighton is an adjunct professor at the University of Southern Maine, teaching Special Effects and Animation.

Anita Clearfield, Producer/Director/Artist, has created many award-winning independent films, documentaries and educational programs, including “Olivia Records: More Than Music,” “Vacation Nicaragua,” and “There Ought to Be a Law”. She was a staff producer/director for Maine Public Broadcasting, creating a variety of documentaries and science series. She has worked with Natasha Mayers on the Artists’ Rapid Response Team (ARRT!) and is a founder of LumenARRT!, video projections for social change. She holds an M.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and is a practicing painter and video installation artist.