To Make a Poet Black: Notes from a Literary-Musician

To Make a Poet Black: Notes from a Literary-Musician

In this hybrid of lecture & performance, Regie Gibson explores the creative power of speech in the modern Black spoken-word tradition. 


This Zoom / Facebook Live was recorded on February 4th, 2021. Q&A with Participants included at the end.

Literaryperformer, Regie Gibson, has lectured & performed widely in the U.S., Cuba & Europe. Representing the U.S. in Italy, Regie competed for & received both the Absolute Poetry Award in Monfalcone & The Europa in Versi Award in LaGuardia di Como. He’s a Brother Thomas Fellow & has received two Live Arts Boston Grants to develop his first play, The Juke: A Blues Bacchae in which he intersects the ancient Greek tragedy with African-American spiritual & musical culture.

Regie has served as a consultant for the NEA’s “How Art Works” commission & the “Mere Distinction of Color”: a permanent exhibit at James Madison’s Montpelier home focusing on American slavery & the U.S. constitution. He has composed texts for The Boston City Singers, The Mystic Chorale, the Handel+Haydn Society, & has featured with the Lexington Symphony. He’s an actor & creator of The Shakespeare Time-Traveling Speakeasy— a theatrical, literary-concert focusing on the life & works of William Shakespeare. He serves on the boards of the New England Poetry Club & Grub Street Writers & teaches at Clark University.

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