Art Review: A Future without Prisons, Manmade and Metaphorical

In Maine, statewide public project ‘Freedom & Captivity’ examines the end of incarceration, the effects of surveillance, and the state’s own history of intolerance.

By Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe, Globe Correspondent

Excerpt from the article: “The First Amendment Museum in Augusta’s “First Freedoms in Captivity” show, which is viewable online, spotlights art by imprisoned veterans illustrating the First Amendment’s five freedoms. An anonymous artist at Maine State Prison crafted “Freedom Within,” a bird in a red, white, and blue cage, from paper, string, and gum wrappers — a picture of freedom curtailed by the state.” Read the full article in the Boston Globe >

The First Amendment Museum’s exhibition explores individual liberties of incarcerated veterans and the limitations of their First Amendment rights while in the military and incarcerated.

Anonymous at Maine State Prison, “Freedom Within,” paper, string, gum wrappers, 2021.

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